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MASONIC YEAR 2017/2018

To Secretaries/Scribe E’s/Recorders/Registrars etc.

Herewith is a general update and reminder of facilities and costs for the ensuing Masonic year 2017/2018:


Capitation £13.75
Locker rental £40.00
LoI room hire £11.50 per session
LoI Administrator Bob Calderwood - 01895 634269

Centre Manager 01895 235582/07814 217382
Centre website

Centre AGM 21st November 2017, 7.30pm

1. Locker Keys

Each organisation now has its own locker and key for personal use. For convenience it is suggested that you pass your locker key on to your Tyler, Scribe E etc.
It is the responsibility of each Unit to ensure that their Tyler, Janitor etc. deposits in the respective locker, only equipment belonging to that Unit and not that left out for general use by the Centre.

The Centre Manager holds a set of master keys for each locker, which will only be loaned out in an emergency to an authorised representative of the requesting organisation on his signature, and must be returned to the Centre Manager on the same day. If the master key is lost we will have no means of access to that locker which will mean renewing the lock-an expense which will have to be met by the organisation concerned.

The keys to communal lockers (e.g. Chapter and Mark) are with the Centre Manager for issue and return the same day. Special arrangements exist for Rose Croix etc.

2. Capitation Charges

Please be reminded that capitation charges are calculated by the number shown on the last Installation return and in that respect will all Secretaries please ensure that a copy of your Installation return is sent to the Centre Manager annually to ensure that the correct membership numbers are both used within our own records and placed accurately on your invoices.

In the event that no up-to-date return is recorded then we will use the latest information in our possession.

It is requested that each Unit supplies the Centre Manager with a Summons for every meeting prior to the event.
It is suggested that you include the Centre Manager on your distribution list to your Members.

With effect from September 2017 the capitation charge will be £13.75 per person per meeting, and will take effect from the next Installation meeting.

Please note that "Meetings" etc. that are cancelled without notification to the Centre Manager at least seven days before the proposed event are liable to a Capitation penalty of £100.00.

3. LOI. Bookings

The Lodge of Instruction Administrator, Bob Calderwood, will issue requests for LOI dates and will try and accommodate all Lodges on a fair and equitable basis. Bob will endeavour to accommodate “Officers Nights” in a Temple where possible. On some occasions all LOI rooms will be in use so we suggest a prompt reply to Bob's “date enquiry”. He will issue invoices (£11.50 per room per LOI), which are to be paid in full by 31st December 2017 or by two equal payments on 30th September and 31st December 2017. Room allocation will be dealt with by Bob Calderwood only (Tel: 01895 634269 or Email:
In the event of cancellation because of adverse weather the Centre Manager should be advised (Tel: 07814 217382).
A full list of bookings is available on the Centre Website.

4. Lodge Storage Box/Lockers

The annual charge for 2017/2018 will be £40.00 and will be added to the invoice for the first meeting of the 2017/2018 season. Lodges not meeting at Uxbridge will receive a separate invoice.

5. Smoking

The Centre continues to be a no smoking building, which includes the interior of the main building and all LOI rooms.

A smoking shelter is available at the right of the main building. Please use the ashtrays provided.

Members and guests are now permitted to take drinks from the bar for consumption in the smoking shelter but must request a plastic container from the bar when ordering. On no account must glasses be taken outside of the bar area as this would contravene health and safety requirements.
Abuse of this request would instigate withdrawal of this facility.

6. Car Parking

Please note that the office block situated at the entrance of the masonic centre has now been converted in to private apartments and renamed Madison House. Each apartment has been allocated their own parking bay and numbered accordingly. Please ensure that your members do not park in these bays or obstruct them in any way. This is private property and we only have right of access through their car park to the Centre. Please therefore, ensure that cars are only parked in the marked bays in our own car park; it is most important that the space marked “Reserved for emergency vehicles” is kept free.

Spaces cannot be reserved. However, individual Lodges may “marshal” their own members/guests cars. The Centre manager cannot and must not become involved.

The Board still continues to look at a number of options with a view to improving the situation.

7. Centre Finances

The building and business of operating the Uxbridge Masonic Centre is maintained by a company arrangement (Uxbridge Masonic Hall Limited). The Board of Directors (elected at the Annual General Meeting) has the responsibility of maintaining the standards of the structure and its operations to an acceptable level for its members/customers.
Directors do not receive any payments for their services.

In order to keep the standards acceptable the company has to generate a certain level of income. This is generally generated via bar sales, capitation charges, LOI rents etc. and the generosity of some Lodges donating the profits of “raffles” held on our behalf.
However, it remains a fact that bar turnover, including wine sales for Festive Boards is still declining.

We do not aim to generate large profits annually but do need to generate sufficient profit to continue to invest in the standard of the building and the services we provide.

Will all Secretaries etc. please remind members that the Centre needs their continued support, and if the Lodge in general can assist in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated. This would help to ensure that our Centre will be here for future generations of Masons to enjoy.

8. Health and Safety

May I remind all units which meet at the Centre that the health and safety regulations require you to point out to all members, and more importantly visitors, the position of the fire exits. These exits must be pointed out to all present before the start of meetings etc., and it is suggested that you also do the same before having your meal in the dining room.

Whilst the Centre does not issue special instructions as how you should deal with this item, it is suggested that for those units that have an inward procession at the beginning of meeting, the D.C. should announce from the doorway the position of the fire exits. Should you not have an inward procession perhaps the Secretary would point out the same information before the meeting is formally opened.

As far as the Festive Board is concerned it is suggested that again the D.C. should announce the relative information before the meal is taken. I would finally remind you that this action is not optional and apart from it being common sense and courteous to our visitors is a requirement of the regulations.

Breakable drinks containers are not permitted to be taken out of the bar or dining rooms for consumption of beverages elsewhere.
For those that smoke and wish to take a drink to the smoking shelter, plastic containers are available on request at the bar.

If there are any health and safety issues please inform the Centre Manager.

9. Catering

A copy of the menus with prices for 2017/2018 are available from the Centre Website or at the bar.

For those units with small numbers the catering charges procedure has been revised in that the minimum number of charge per unit is now 12 meals. However, on any day where there are two meetings and one expects to have less than 12 dining the minimum charge for meals for that meeting can be reduced to 10 providing the caterers prior agreement is obtained when the meal is booked and the meal is the same as being taken by the other meeting.

The preferred booking of meals for Festive Boards etc. is via The Centre website, For those that do not use a computer, the booking form, which is available from the bar, must be used.

Selected menus and estimated dining numbers must be submitted to the Centre Chef via the website not less than 4 days prior to the meeting (i.e. excluding Bank holidays and weekends), or handed in manually using the correct form.

Table plans and final dining numbers/changes to dining numbers must be notified to the Centre Chef via the website using the booking form (which must be completed in full), and noting in the comments box any alterations to the original. Please keep a copy of the original and any subsequent booking forms for your records.
Any meal bookings/alterations that are communicated to the Centre Chef not using the prescribed method cannot be guaranteed.

In the event that a meeting has to be cancelled this rule also applies. However, exceptionally, in the event of adverse weather the caterer will accept 2 working days’ notice. In the absence of such notice full dining costs will be payable.

Lodges etc. are asked to ensure that they dine within 30 minutes of their scheduled dining time in order to avoid a possible surcharge.

Lodges requiring a White Table or celebrating a major event where numbers will be far greater than at their normal meeting the Centre manager must be notified at least six weeks before the event so that adequate staffing levels are met.

May I remind all units that it is condition of booking that the invoice is settled on the night. In the event that the Treasurer is not present alternative arrangements for payment on the night must be put in place. The only acceptable excuse will be unforeseen illness.

The Centre along with the caterer prides itself on the quality of the meals it provides. In the unlikely event of any problems these should be addressed to the catering staff at the time.

10. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Uxbridge Masonic Centre will be held on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 7.30pm.
It would be appreciated if every unit is represented so that any questions/issues may be addressed on the evening. Any questions/issues which may require research for an answer should preferably be sent to me at least one week before the meeting.

The Company accounts for the year to 31st July 2017 will be sent to each Lodge etc. in September/October 2017.

11. Heating/air-conditioning

May I please ask you not to adjust the heating temperature gauge in the LOI rooms since these are all on timer and thermostatic controls. These will cease to work effectively if people turn the electricity on or off, or adjust the controls and do not reset them before they leave their meeting.
If using the air-conditioning in the Temples please ensure they are switched off before leaving.

12. Hall Hire

The hall is available for hire at a cost of £200 including VAT. Bookings should be directed to the Social Directorr Tel: 01895 235582 or by the website. Email:
For all bookings a returnable damage waiver deposit of £200 is required.

13. Administration

The Board may wish to be in touch with Secretaries, Treasurers/LOI Secretaries or Treasurers and it will be appreciated if the Centre Manager has Email addresses for all Secretaries. We also require notification of any amendments to those positions so that we may alter our database accordingly. Obviously we do not want to waste time and effort in sending out documentation to the wrong people and it is important for your unit that communication is sent to the correct person. Should you no longer be the Secretary/Scribe E, please pass this information to the new officer concerned.

Yours sincerely

Gary M Collins

G M Collins



Tel: 01895 235582