Final Details

Once you are ready to discuss your requirements, we ask that you make an appointment with our Social Director as soon as possible.

It is so important that we know exactly what you require of us and just as important for you to know the costs involved. It is at this stage that we like to send you a written initial Estimate of Costs, based on the number of guests you estimate will attend. This is obviously subject to change, but it helps to give a good idea of what you will be spending.

Final numbers and details are required 14 days prior to your big day and these are the minimum numbers that you will be charged for.

We hope you have found our brochure helpful. However, should you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Social Director immediately. We are here to make your day as special and as easy for you as we possibly can.

Social Director Tel:01895 235582 or email