Six Sixty Fundraising Club

The Six Sixty Club works in the same manner as the 500 club but the shares are now £10.00 each and you can still purchase multiple shares.

There will be three draws a year with a first, second and third prize. The nine prizes will be decided by the amount in the prize account

The prize account will be 50% of the overall income on the starting date of the year, the other 50% will go to the centre

This fund raising venture aims to improve the ambience of the centre for the benefit and comfort of the members and visitors

Shares Application Form
Bankers Standing Order

For Further Details contact
Mark Hallam on 07733 201894

Western House Six Sixty Club

To provide a trust fund to raise monies to maintain and improve facilities at Western House for the benefit and comfort of all members who currently use the centre. The monies will be used for such cases which are not currently budgeted for by the centre in general.

The club will have a Chairman, Treasurer and a Secretary. Representatives or Publicity Reps, the number to be determined and what exactly would be required of them. It is hoped that each Lodge/Chapter based at the centre would appoint a representative to promote the aims of the club.

Number and dates of draws
It is proposed that there be three draws per annum. The first to take place at the end of September, the second in December and the third in March. The timing of the first draw would give a four month window to sell shares for the first and subsequent years, as shares could still be sold up to a week before the first draw of the year takes place. The draws would take place publically in the bar at the centre, and overseen by two independent adjudicators, one preferably being a member of the Centre Committee.

Number of shares
There will be no limit on the number of shares which can be issued.

Cost of shares
It is proposed that the cost of each share is to be £10 per annum. There will be no limit on the number of shares held by any individual. Shares can be purchased by members for their family and friends as long as they are over the age of 16.

Allocation of funds collected
50% of all monies raised by share sales will be placed in the prize fund. The remaining 50% less expenses such as stationary, advertising, postage etc, will be placed in a fund to be used as stated in the aims.

Prize breakdown
The number and amounts of prizes will be published one week before the first draw of the year.

Promotion of the club
It would be very useful for the club to have a designated area in the bar to place a well designed laminated poster of A3 size, or larger, which would promote the club and could be updated with total prize monies on a regular basis. Application forms for shares would also be readily available in the bar area.

Purchase of shares
Application forms along with cheques to be sent to the Treasurer or Secretary who would allocate share numbers accordingly. Forms and cheques or cash could be taken by the bar and an official receipt for the money would be provided. Forms and money received at the bar will be collected by designated Trustees and would have to be signed for accordingly. In future years it is hoped that shareholders would purchase shares annually by standing order.

Accounts and allocation of trust funds
Accounts would be prepared on an annual basis. The allocation of funds would be decided by the club.

Bank Account
A bank account will be opened and any cheques issued would require two authorised signatories.

Application for registration.
The Club is registered with the Local Authority.

Club Rules
A list of club rules should be available for all shareholders and based simply on the above.