Members Dining


1. Menu selections must be emailed to

2. Your menu selections and indicated numbers MUST be submitted 10 days PRIOR to your Meeting.

3. Menu price – £25.00 for three courses / £20.00 for two courses,
Luncheon Clubs Only prices inclusive of VAT.
Coffee (or tea) is included at the following charges:

Add extras:
Cheese as a fourth course add £3.00 per head to the menu price.

Pre or mid meeting tea and coffee:
Tea and coffee £1.50 per head
Tea, coffee and biscuits £1.75 per head

4. Final number adjustments will be accepted UP TO 4 days prior to your meeting. Final Numbers will only be accepted by email. No other notification will be accepted.

5. It is at the discretion of the chef to cater for numbers above those submitted four days before the date of your Meeting, and the centre reserves the right to use alternative menu items to cater for the extra numbers. There may be an extra charge to your Lodge if we need to bring in extra staff to cover the extra numbers at short notice.

6. You must choose one main course for the majority of your diners ,i.e. meat or fish. However, you may offer those diners with dietary or religious needs 1 fish or 1 vegetarian selection replacing the meat option.

7. The Centre does not operate a kitchen which is free of nut products and therefore cannot guarantee that any of our products will not have nut traces within them.

8. Please ensure that all diners are aware that our kitchen uses allergenic ingredients to produce items on our menus. If any member suffers from a food allergy or intolerance, please let our kitchen staff know when placing your order